How Corporate Housing Can Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

Hello. I’m Diana Tapia with Dublin Place Corporate Housing. I want to share something very exciting with you.  

First, I am 45 years old. That may not sound exciting to you, but I am 45 years old and retired. Even that’s not the most exciting news. You see, I retired at 38. How did I do it? Keep reading to learn how you can get out of the rat race, too.

Investment opportunities continually pop up. You know the scenario: invest here, invest there, save 10%, collect your social security when you retire at 62, and the list goes on. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which is the best? It is the investment that makes the most sense to you.

I used to believe I had to work hard and set up a 401K or put back 15% of my income to eventually retire. Unfortunately, by the time I thought seriously about saving for my retirement, I was already 36 years old. Was it too late for me? Did I need to invest more than 15% because I didn’t begin investing at an earlier age?

In 2010, I had the opportunity to invest in an investment property. Its monthly cash flow of $650 didn’t really seem like much at the time. Then in 2016, I decided to invest in my property rather than investing in the stock market. I decided to do corporate housing instead of offering long term rentals. I went from charging $650 to $2,200 monthly. What was the result? I repeated the same formula for other investment properties and was able to retire at the age of 38. For three years after that, I did volunteer work overseas. When I came back stateside, I bought a house in the Smoky Mountains. My early retirement has also allowed me to teach others how to increase their income the same way.

If you have a long-term or a vacation rental property, corporate housing can significantly increase your income. Better than either of those 2 options, corporate housing offers you the peace of mind of a long-term rental and the higher return of a vacation rental—without the hard work of upkeep and maintenance. Let me show you how to double or triple your investment property income.

Visit my list your property page today to see how you can convert your long-term or vacation rental into corporate housing! Then give me a call at 719-231-7559 or contact me here at  to get started today!

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