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​Ready to advertise your rental properties with Dublin Place Corporate Housing for stays of thirty days or more? We are ready to be of service to help you rent. Join our Network of Property Investors who have found Dublin Place Corporate Housing to be the key to making their long term rentals successful.

Why advertise with us? We connect premium corporate, relocation, insurance companies and  quality clients with your exclusive rental.

Give us a call today to get started. We will schedule your rental for a property evaluation and provide you with recommendations to transform it into an exclusive rental that will attract quality renters.

What are the benefits of advertising with us?
          • More Renters, Fewer Vacancies
          • Higher Returns
          • Peace of Mind
          • Quality Renters
          • Lifestyle Freedom

For clients needing additional services: Dublin Place Support Team’s proven strategies and simple solutions will help you successfully set up your investment property.

Dublin Place Support ServicesPersonal Shopper – Hire our professional stagers to shop, furnish, and set up your corporate rental.
Property Coordinators – Hire higly reccomended property coordinators to coordinate bookings, property repairs, and cleanings.
Clean Team – Hire white glove specialists to clean your rental before your next guests’ arrival.
Customer Support – Provides the guidance to set up your corporate rental successfully.

Mission Statement: Creating  Opportunities For Lifestyle Freedom.

Our Core Values

• Hospitality
• Value
• Commitment 

Honesty and uprightness guide our steps at Dublin Place Corporate Housing. We bring to the table a full complement of services to assist you in achieving your financial goals. Because money is time, we make the best use of your time and ours.

 Advertising with Dublin Place Corporate Housing includes• Priority Search Ranking
• Availability Calendar
• Professional Photo Shoot
• 18 Photo Slots per Listing
• Property Description
• Customer Support
• Quality Leads     

Your Steps to Financial Success:

1. Call to schedule a property evaluation.
2. List your property.
3. See your investment pay off.

Should I advertise my property with Dublin Place?​
See what Dublin Place listing client’s have to say!

Austin's Place

¨I have had my property rented every month since we began. I love the renters that they have found.”

Bri's Place

​”Listing my home with Dublin Place has been successful. It has allowed me to find successful tenants interested in 2 to 10-month leases.” 

Daniel's Place

​”We’ve been interested in corporate rentals as an option that requires less active management than Airbnb, but is a better source of income than a long-term rental. And so far, it has delivered!”

Telly's Place

“I had a deadline to use a 1031 exchange, so listing my home with DPCH and getting my place rented pronto was exactly what I needed! They offer personalized service and provide high-quality renters.”

V's Place

“Dublin Place Corporate Housing was exactly what I was looking for. Diana is highly professional and has high standards for her clients.  I had my property rented before it was even listed on the site.”

What are my signup options?

Take valuable time away from building your business while you  coordinate everything yourself and still pay:

  • $225.00 property evaluation,
  • $995.00 sign up
  • 10% booking fee
  • TBD – Onboarding Services

​Hire us to Coordinate your business

Hire us to coordinate your business while you continue to build it:
  • $225.00 property evaluation
  • $995.00 sign up
  • 10% booking fee
  • $350.00 – Hire a Property Coordinator
  • TBD – Onboarding Services

Additional Information

Property Evaluation – Property Inspection to bring your property onboard.
Sign Up Fee – The first year is $995.00, yearly renewal is $500,00 per property. For multiple properties of 4 or more contact me.

Booking fee – 10% is charged for the total rental amount of the booking.
Property Coordinator – Price may vary depending on size of property.

Onboarding Services – Includes design, staging and, furnishing your property. Prices vary by property. The price of these services will be provided once your property evaluation is complete.

Get Started Today!

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